About You

You need Davon Networks as your partner because we're a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, our board has over 70 years combined experience in providing Enterprise level Information Security and Information Technology services. Davon Networks is a leader in providing complete security solutions in accordance with NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CFS).

You need Davon Networks as your partner because we operate Information Systems as a utility focused on complete security, just as you don’t worry about the safety of your water when you turn the tap, Davon Networks allows you not to worry about the security or availability of your information systems. Your employees need not worry about ransomware, spyware or other malware and malicious software when the full range of our services are deployed.

Just like when you flip a light switch and it just works without you being concerned about the complicated network of systems that brings you electricity, with Davon Networks your employees just sit in front of their computers and receive safe reliable services like email, word processing applications, spreadsheet software and any other system your organization needs to run productively and effectively. Let Davon Networks worry about your Information System so your organization can focus on the valuable services it provides.