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Access controls is a very important aspect of information security. This is concerned with the way a health care provider controls the level of access and who gets access to Protected Health Information. No everyone should be able to view certain information especially not without the necessary permission from the right persons. A good and adequate access control by a health care provider would ensure privacy and security of information. A good access control practice by health care provider would be one that allows even authorized persons to only gain access to the information that is necessary for just the treatment needed at the time. There is no need giving someone accesses to information that is not relevant to the services he or she is rendering at the time. If people always have access to more than the information required for the services they are rendering, then the health care provider is risking or already breaching the information security system.

 Let’s look at it this way, dermatologist do not necessarily need a patient’s psychological health information to carry out his or her treatment on the patient. He or she may have access to the patient’s diet information and previous dermatological treatments, allergies and anything related to the treatment that is needed. The other information about the patient should be kept away from the dermatologist.

The “Minimum Necessary Rule” should be strictly adhered to by health care providers in order to ensure the protection of the information they collect, maintain and use. Employees should only be given access to one information at a time and that should be only the information they need at the time to carry out their jobs. No employee should be considered an information bank because he or she knows too much. When employees know too much about patients to the point of knowing about things that should have been kept secret to them, they become liabilities to the health of the patient.

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