Security Basics (Part Twelve) Confidentiality as Key Principle of Information Security

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A core focus of information security is protecting the confidentiality of information. By confidentiality it means that the information must not be exposed or disclosed to unauthorized persons. Information is said to be confidential when it is only accessed or known by authorized persons or systems. Yes, systems without authorization cannot be granted access to information. The confidentiality security plan ensures that no unauthorized persons or systems are given access to the information. It will be a breach of confidentiality once information is shared or used by unauthorized persons or computer systems. This is also a violation of the information security laws.

There are different measures that can be put in place in order to protect the confidentiality of information. These measures include the following:


  • Information classification
  • Secure document storage
  • Application of general security policies
  • Education of those with the sole responsibility of keeping information secured on end users Confidentiality.


When information is personal and about customers, employees or patients, its value of confidentiality becomes very high. Nobody likes to have their personal information as public knowledge. People would want to do business with you or participate in your activity if they have a high guarantee that their information will be kept and maintained as confidential. Disclosing of people’s personal information can lead to a lot of problems. As people leave their homes everyday and transact or mingle with the rest of the world, they give out pieces of their life’s information which can be put together over time to create a profile of the individual.

Your spending habit can be gathered from your favorite mall with which you have a membership card or any other firm you have a membership card with. These bits of daily information that you disclose can be copied, sold, replicated and distributed. This is what is used in salami theft. This implies that you should be certain that any firm or industry you patronize can guarantee the confidentiality of your information before patronizing them.

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